Penshoppe New Scents for the Madlang People

Nowadays people are so into signature perfumes and they are spending tons of money just to be mabango in parties, mall and even on their bedrooms.  I’m so into buying expensive perfumes such as Clinique Happy, D&G, Armani Code and Bvlgari.

Last month while I’m strolling inside Trinoma, I went inside Peshoppe to check their new store and I saw these new perfumes for men and women.


 SIGNATURE- Perfume for men

I like the design of the bottle because it is handy and unique. It has a sweet scent and a lil citrusy; it smells like D&G for men (With silver cover). This perfume will only cost you 399php. I bought one just to check if how long it will last and the result was good enough and I can still smell the perfume after a long day of work.

My Rating for this perfume: 3 Needles (///)


Sexy Shimmer (BOMBSHELL)

This cologne is great for Party Goer…because of the glitters and the floral sexy scent. This is really for girls/gays and not advisable for straight guys…you might end up glowing in the party with the sexy smell of a girl. The scent can be compared to VS for the price of only 199PHP.  The disadvantage of this cologne is that you can’t use it on your clothes, because the glitters will be so dominant especially with black dress.

My Rating for this perfume: 2 Needles (//)

Overall, Penshoppe is doing a great job in launching cheap perfumes and colognes for the middle class people. 

So next time when your buying expensive perfumes, try to check and consider some of the local brands that is more cheaper but still have the same quality as with the imported brands.


STEAK ATTACK!!! @Grills and Sizzles Dinner Buffet

This is my first Food Blog forVMCDomain and our first stop is the Dinner Buffet @ Grills and Sizzles (Location: 52 Times St. cor. Examiner St., West Triangle, Quezon City).


My Bestfriend told me about this place before the Holy week and I couldn’t resist, so we decided to try the place on Easter Monday with my Allianz barkada.

It was a small restaurant with a great western ambiance. The dinner buffet starts @6PM-10PM for 300++ (Im not sure if it is 357 or 370 php…Approximately $9.00 only. Inclusive of VAT and Service Charge )

They served Steak with Mushroom Sauce and garlic. (It is not the usual cut for a steak, however the taste and texture is just the same with the steak that we usually order in some fancy and expensive retaurants)Image


They also have Rotini Pesto and  it was just ok for me.Image


 The Spicy Sausage and Mushroom with cheese  is a great partner for the Steak . Image


Paella is just right…kulang  lang ng seafoods  🙂Image

Potato Salad is so cheesy…medyo nakakasuya 😦 Image

The dessert was pleasing to the eye. We had fruit jellies, churos and Ice Cream (Cookies and Cream, Avocado, Vanilla and Strawberry). I love the taste and the presentation of churos, I finished 7 servings.

Fruit jellies



 ICE Cream



Churos con tskolate(Before)




Churos con tskolate(After)


My Grills and Sizzles experience was good but nothing spectacular and special, except for the steak and the affordable price.

I give this buffet a 7 out of 10 Burps for this experience!