My very own Youtube Channel — VMERCK01TV

Starting today I’m officially opening my Channel in Youtube, until now I haven’t figure what topic other than doing some music cover. So please subscribe to my Youtube channel and let’s see what will happen next ….



SPRING TIME!!!! Upon checking on the latest fashion statement, I realized that the pastel colours are in today (Though I love black/dark colours). These sets of colours are very refreshing and cool to our naked eye. You can wear this with a dark or a leather inspired bottoms. You can also do a vice versa (Dark/solid colour top and a pastel bottom). As for the shoes, you can wear a close one; but make sure that the colour is not that far from your top. You should not wear shoes that overpower your outfit; people might just praise and notice your shoes than your overall fashion statement.

 Here are some samples from Enjoy and have a beautiful spring season **Cheers**


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Please meet my friend Sebastian Castro a model, blogger, artist and a good singer.  He is not a Filipino but I’m sure he is proud to be a Pinoy by heart.

 I’m so excited to hear that he will be having his first International Movie, The Voyage. I think his character/role is an artist with a very tragic love affair.

I hope that this movie will be released here inManila. But for now, I really can’t wait to see my friend on the big screen.

For more details about my cute, talented and handsome friend; please visit his Blog or follow him in twitter:!/Sebastianslife


How to dance in the Club by Jemdahunk (Youtube)

These videos made me realized how stupid Iam sumayaw sa dance floor lol…Aminin nyo isa kayo sa mga ginawa nya hehehe…Comment and share kung sino kayo sa mga sinayaw nya…

Great  job for Jemdahunk….Please visit his channel in Youtube and be amazed with his videos!

Penshoppe New Scents for the Madlang People

Nowadays people are so into signature perfumes and they are spending tons of money just to be mabango in parties, mall and even on their bedrooms.  I’m so into buying expensive perfumes such as Clinique Happy, D&G, Armani Code and Bvlgari.

Last month while I’m strolling inside Trinoma, I went inside Peshoppe to check their new store and I saw these new perfumes for men and women.


 SIGNATURE- Perfume for men

I like the design of the bottle because it is handy and unique. It has a sweet scent and a lil citrusy; it smells like D&G for men (With silver cover). This perfume will only cost you 399php. I bought one just to check if how long it will last and the result was good enough and I can still smell the perfume after a long day of work.

My Rating for this perfume: 3 Needles (///)


Sexy Shimmer (BOMBSHELL)

This cologne is great for Party Goer…because of the glitters and the floral sexy scent. This is really for girls/gays and not advisable for straight guys…you might end up glowing in the party with the sexy smell of a girl. The scent can be compared to VS for the price of only 199PHP.  The disadvantage of this cologne is that you can’t use it on your clothes, because the glitters will be so dominant especially with black dress.

My Rating for this perfume: 2 Needles (//)

Overall, Penshoppe is doing a great job in launching cheap perfumes and colognes for the middle class people. 

So next time when your buying expensive perfumes, try to check and consider some of the local brands that is more cheaper but still have the same quality as with the imported brands.

Sheryl Vicente’s “Sombra” @Privé Luxury

Fashion + summer + Sheryl Vicente = Elegance

Sombra Event last March 29 2012 was a blast! I had a chance to have a glimpse of Ms. Sheryl Vicente’s Summer Collection @ Privé Luxury Clubbing inFortStrip. We arrived @ exactly 9PM and the event started 30 mins after.

The collection showcased her unique and elegant style for the modern Filipina + the fact that she considered the summer season.  She used soft plain and printed fabrics in creating her masterpiece.

Overall, my rating for her collection is 9 out of 10 needles. The collection is superb and totally sheek for the modern Filipina. Athough the fashion show is quite short, it showcase diffrent style from casual to evening wear. Below are the pictures during the event:

Ethel Booba


Gretchen Fullido

Assunta De Rossi


Sheryl Vicente with Assunta De Rossi

Sheryl Vicente


Me and Gretchen Fullido