NOYNOYING…is this a funny or a serious matter?

Noynoying (pronounced noy-noy-YING[1] or noy-NOY-ying[2]) is a protest gimmick in the form of neologism which critics of PhilippinePresidentBenigno Aquino III have used to question his work ethic, alleging inaction on Aquino’s part on the issues of disaster response and of rising oil prices. A play on the term planking and Aquino’s nickname, “Noynoy”, Noynoying involves posing in a lazy manner, such as sitting idly while resting their heads on one hand and doing nothing.


The term was first used last October 8, 2011, issue of Manila Standard Today. In their opinion article, columnists Karl Allan Barlaan and Christian Cardiente criticized Aquino’s slow response over typhoons Pedring and Quiel, which left parts of Luzon island, including Metro Manila, in a state of calamity.


Aquino convened the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council five days after Pedring hit the country and a full week before overseeing distribution of food and water to the survivors, which was after he attended the 30th anniversary celebrations of McDonald’s in the Philippines.


They wrote: “The opposition called the government’s calamity response ‘insensitive, indifferent, and slow.’ Palace ally House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. urged the President to visit the typhoon victims ‘to boost their morale.’ The Internet was abuzz with a newly-coined word, ‘noynoying.’ The word translates to ‘procrastinating,’ members of a UP Diliman alumni social networking group say.”


Do we really have a President as of today? I think some of the Filipinos are looking the Scenario on a Macro Level and not the overall changes. We can say that Noynoying is IN just like the planking last year. But as Filipino, do you think this will give us a positive image in the International Community?


What do you think? Is it a funny or a serious matter? Answer the Poll below 🙂